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The first time Julie held a crayon as a child, she knew she wanted to be an artist. Painting with acrylics and oils for years, among all the mediums she’s experimented with, has prepared her for a living canvas. Having the privilege of transforming humans into temporary, mobile works of art not only brings smiles to the faces of the painted recipients, but it creates an atmosphere of make-believe and fantasy, separating humans from the busy world in which they get so entangled. Whether Julie is painting the face of a child at a birthday party, or an adult at a photo shoot, film set or special event, she’s aware of the excitement and anticipation that is present when waiting to see the final transformation. This truly brings her joy and has inspired her to create. You can find more of her work and get details on how to hire her at her website: jhassett08.wix.com/letsgoghpaint

**Arden Rose**
Model – Arden Ricks, Photographer – Shaun Guckian
**Becoming Fashion**
Model – Brittany Ward, Photographer – Stephanie Mathis
**Dark and Stormy**
Model – David Goryl, Photographer – Deb Hassett
**Pretty Trees**
Model – Leah Magwood, Photographer – Stephanie Mathis
**Julie Hassett**