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Johannes Stötter is artist, musician and fine art bodypainter. Born and based in South Tyrol (Italy), he spent his early childhood in the high Alps and grew up with 3 brothers and a sister in a family of musicians. He sings, plays violin, whistle and bouzouki in the Celtic Folk band “Burning Mind“, he studied education and philosophy at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and was involved in several social projects which he combined with art and music.
As a fully autodidactic artist Johannes developed his painting style and his bodypainting technique without any relation to other bodypainting artists and their work. He joined the international bodypainting community in 2009 at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria, where he took part at the bodypainting world championship for the first time.
In the following years he won many awards, most notably he was WORLD CHAMPION 2012, Vice World Champion 2011 and 2014, Italian Champion 2011 and 2013, winner of the North American Bodypainting Championship, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 2013 and Winner of the “International Fine Art Bodypainting Award” 2014.
In 2013 he became world famous with his legendary creation of a tropical frog consisting of 5 human bodies, so he made headlines in the world press and was featured in newspapers, magazines and online magazines as New York Post, New York Daily News, The Sun, The Times, The Mirror, The Guardian, Dailymail, Bild, Stern, Spiegel, Focus, Süddeutsche Zeitung, View and many more, in TV channels as CNN, BBC, TV Globo, RAI, ZDF, Pro7, RTL, DW, ORF, ntv Japan and many more, as well as in the published books “The Art of Bodypainting” (Peter de Ruiter), “Champions at Heart” (Karala B), “The Human Canvas” (Karala B) and in the Calendar “Painted Bodies” (Weingarten Verlag).
Today Johannes teaches Bodypainting at the World Bodypainting Academy – at the WBF (World Bodypainting Festival) as well as around the world – and Anatomic Bodypainting at Yoni Academy. He works and exhibits all around the globe in collaboration with his agency wb-production. You can read more about Johannes at his website: www.johannesstoetterart.com

Photographer – Johannes Stötter
Model – Rotem Lots-Zaiden, Photographer – Johannes Stötter
**Inner Fears**
Model – Astrid Gschliesser, Photographer – Johannes Stötter
**Johannes Stötter**
Photographer – Katja Huebser

Dewayne Flowers was born and raised in Georgia and has recently relocated to San Diego. He has always been an artist working in the mediums of drawing, painting, ceramics. He became interested in bodypainting when he was 17 and did his first painting in his junior year of high school. He took a very poor photo of that piece which then became the catalyst for him to learn photography. Referred to as a photographer, he sees himself as more of an artist who knows how to photograph his own work. You can learn more about Dewayne at his website www.fleshandcolor.com. See his video with Lana Chromium below.

**UV Body Painting**
Model – NA, Photographer – Dwayne Flowers
**Pink Tutu Improvisation**
Model – NA, Photographer – Dwayne Flowers
**Machine Michelle**
Model – Nicole DeAngelo, Photographer – Dewayne Flowers
**UV-Skeleton Dia De Los Muertos**
Model – Kelsey Ullrich, Photographer – Dewayne Flowers
**Steampunk Clock Doll (from Skin Wars)**
Model – NA, Photographer – Dewayne Flowers
**Dewayne Flowers**

Deborah Brommer has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Art History and a minor in theatre from Ohio University. Her love of art and her love of performance came together in an obsession with body painting. Deborah started her body art journey with Henna which she discovered on a trip to Morocco in 2000 and shortly thereafter started her body art business. Her foray into body painting began in 2008 when she decided to paint her very first body at the World Bodypainting Competition in Austria in the amateur division. She fell in love with the art form and hasn’t looked back, competing several more times at the WBF and other venues around the world. To find out more about Deborah, go to her website www.ohiobodyart.com!

**Shinto Gate**
Model – Ashley Tracy, Photographer – Sandra Pradl
**Untitled **
Model – Bethany Simon, Photographer – Deborah Brommer
**Incan Mask**
Model – Cat Leigh, Photographer – Thom Ledford
**Nature Quadrants**
Model – Ashley Tracy, Photographer – Gracie Williams
Model – Ashley Tracy, Photograoher – Gracie Williams
**Deborah Brommer**

We’ve got a Youtube channel where we’ve compiled some great videos by and bout our judges for our upcoming May 16 competition. Check it out, subscribe and keep up to date on all the hottest body painting videos!

Avi Ram (Aviram Gdalyau) is a 29 year-old originally from Israel who currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He’s beeb an airbrush artist for 10 years and owns an airbrush store. He’s known for airbrushing on cloths, wall murals, vehicles, bodies and more. To learn more about Avi, visit his Facebook page.

**Sacred Indian**
Model – Janet Keisar, Photographer – Avi Ram
Model – Jeff Leinbach, Photographer – Avi Ram
**Sacred Indian**
Model – Janet Keisar, Photographer – Avi Ram
**Mature & Immature**
Model – Kyle Vest, Photographer – Avi Ram
**Avi Ram**
Avi Ram was also chosen to participate in the 2015 Skin Wars competition on GSNTV. See his full Skin Wars feature page here.

We’ve got a Youtube channel where we’ve compiled some great videos by and bout our contestants for our upcoming May 16 competition. Check it out, subscribe and keep up to date on all the hottest body painting videos!


Already an accomplished graffiti artist, Wiser was introduced to Body Painting in 2006 by master bodypainter Mark Reid. With encouragement from Mark and others he began to bring his wild style graffiti to the human body combining two art forms with astounding results. Since then he has completed numerous creative works including phenomenal in studio conceptual pieces, countless live freestyle pieces done as entertainment, and some award winning competitive works. He has done work for clients such as  Syfy, NBC, TruTv (Full Throttle Saloon), Clear Channel, Playboy, Makeup Artists Magazine, Tuaca, Absolut, Bacardi, Ed Hardy, Tapout, Penn and Teller, Jabbawockeez, Comedian Russell Peters, and many many more…..He also paints at huge destination events like Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at the Full Throttle Saloon, Mardi Gras, etc. His work was also featured in the 2013 SyFy series “Naked Vegas“. As an International Instructor Wiser teaches classes on his graffiti style bodypainting  at many face and body painting conventions and workshops around the US and the world sharing his love for the art form of graffiti with everyone he meets. Wiser also has his own Youtube channel where he gives tutorials on body painting techniques and airbrushing. You can find out more information on Wiser at his website www.wiseroner.com.
Model – Claire Hindell, Photographer – Tony Cooney
**Ice Scream**
Model – Jill Friesen, Photographer – Wiser Oner
Model – Kristen Jaskala, Photographer – Wiser Oner
**Graffiti Skulls**
Model – Julie Jensen, Photographer – Wiser Oner
**Wiser Oner**

(“Speed” by Craig Tracy)


LOS ANGELES (March 16, 2015) – More than 30 body paint artists, photographers and judges from around the world will converge for the first ever body painting and photography competition in Southern California, Saturday, May 16 at The Springs in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District. The Body Fine Art Competition (#BFALA2015), hosted by modern burlesque artists the Boulet Brothers, will feature live body painting, a competition catwalk, dance group Bijoulette, live music from Robbie Fitzimmons and DJ sets by DJ Wolfie, Uru Majik and iPunx. Celebrity judges include host of KCRW-FM’sMorning Becomes EclecticJason Bentley, CEO and Founder of the World Body Painting Festival Alex Barendregt, world renowned body paint artist Filippo Ioco and world champion body painter and GSNTV’s Skin Wars judge Craig Tracy.
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The first time Julie held a crayon as a child, she knew she wanted to be an artist. Painting with acrylics and oils for years, among all the mediums she’s experimented with, has prepared her for a living canvas. Having the privilege of transforming humans into temporary, mobile works of art not only brings smiles to the faces of the painted recipients, but it creates an atmosphere of make-believe and fantasy, separating humans from the busy world in which they get so entangled. Whether Julie is painting the face of a child at a birthday party, or an adult at a photo shoot, film set or special event, she’s aware of the excitement and anticipation that is present when waiting to see the final transformation. This truly brings her joy and has inspired her to create. You can find more of her work and get details on how to hire her at her website: jhassett08.wix.com/letsgoghpaint

**Arden Rose**
Model – Arden Ricks, Photographer – Shaun Guckian
**Becoming Fashion**
Model – Brittany Ward, Photographer – Stephanie Mathis
**Dark and Stormy**
Model – David Goryl, Photographer – Deb Hassett
**Pretty Trees**
Model – Leah Magwood, Photographer – Stephanie Mathis
**Julie Hassett**

Offering more than 10 years as an award-winning Body Painter & Photographer, Los Angeles based Paul Roustan is renowned in the industry, with his works garnering global acclaim.

 He has appeared in countless galleries, books, newspapers and magazines, he’s been featured on TV, and has worked for such international entities as Playboy, Airbrush Action, DIG Boston, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Providence Journal, Spike TV, Skin Wars, and Univision. Paul earned a Master’s from Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. You can see more from Paul at his website: www.roustanbodypaint.com.

**Pandora Sphinx Moth**
Model – Audrey Demick, Photographer – Paul Roustan
**The Thief**
Models – Austen Pelkey & Maja Ditrich, Photographer – Paul Roustan
**Pony Transformer**
Model – Megan Tamas, Photographer – Paul Roustan
**Paul Roustan**


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